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During our Croatian tour we stayed for 4 day in a big camping in Murter island. The camping was dived in two parts by a never ending road composed by an hard up and down hill. From one side there is Plitka Vala, from the other the proper http://ioanaherman.com/live-web-cams-united-states-i1.html Kosirina, with its known nudist area.
I never stayed in a nudist beach but i respect anyone who respect the environment, so i quickly adapted to the place.
This is an amazing place….. crystal water, flat rocks where people used to sleep with sleeping bag, the grasshoppers’ noise souring the night and the perfect climate!
Of course it’s one of my favorite place how many dates before dating in Croatia, the kind of place that i love: wild place isolated http://lco-creation.sg/pokemon-singles-57jx from the rest of the world where you are in touch with Nature.

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